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GleVe Consult
IT Consultancy

GleVe Consult is an IT consultancy company based in Antwerp, Belgium. We specialize in building elegant architectures and writing software. We apply DevOps best practices to automate as much as possible: from testing to deployment to monitoring applications. We use Atlassian tools, not only to help software engineers, but also everyone else that is part of a software company or team. No matter whether they work on support, project management, sales, finance, making chocolate or anything else.

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What we're looking for:

- You have 0 to 3 years of experience with java and/or scripting languages like Groovy and Scala.
- You have experience with javascript: Angular or Reactjs are a plus.
- You understand the benefits of automated testing.
- You're willing to specialize. If Atlassian tools and/or DevOps are your cup of tea, then you'll frequently be working on consultancy assignments with our customers.
- You're comfortable working in linux environments. Bash/shell scripts do not scare you.
- You're a mac aficionado ;)

Experience in these areas is a plus:
- Domain Driven Design
- Atlassian tools
- DevOps
- Docker
- Mobile development

- You have an analytical mindset. You will work on a mix of customer projects/products and products that we develop and commercialize ourselves. This includes thinking about solutions for complex problems and figuring out how we can best tackle them technically.
- You like variation in your job. You enjoy mastering a wide range of technical options and can pull your string both on front- and backend.
- You're communicative and friendly:
-- You help customers to figure out what they need and how we'll help them.
-- Within our team, you speak your mind freely and you shout out if you need something.
- You like a culture of continuous improvement.
- Your glass (beer, wine, milk, ...) is half-full.
- You're able to schedule your work the way you like it and maintain a healthy work/life balance. We do too!


You have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.


- Competitive salary and benefits (health insurance, company car, ...)
- Flexibility in how you manage your work/life balance:
-- When you work on our own products, you won't be tied to fixed starting/ending hours. Working remotely frequently is possible.
-- When you work on customer projects, you may be required to work at the customer's office, but we consider it normal that you still have the possibility to regularly work remotely.
- A lovely, award winning, working place in the center of Antwerp at Fosbury and Sons.
- We're a small company eager to grow. You can grow with us, at the speed you like. Like to stick in 1st gear for a while and take time for your family. Fine with us. More of a 6th gear person? Fine as well, we'll help you develop our business.
- We'll discuss growth and learning opportunities in an open way and tailor them to each person's desires.

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Did we peak your interest? Great, please send your resume and motivation to Glenn Verrijkt at


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5 september, 2019 to 5 november, 2019
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Mechelsesteenweg 271
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