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Plaats van tewerkstelling: 
Provincie van tewerkstelling: 
GW - Ergotherapie
GW - Orthopedagogie
GW - Sociaal werk
GW - Toegepaste Psychologie
GW - Verpleegkunde
GW - Vroedkunde
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Accountancy-fiscaliteit
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Financie- en verzekeringswezen
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Logistiek management
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Marketing
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Rechtspraktijk
MC - Communicatiemanagement - Commerciƫle communicatie
MC - Communicatiemanagement - PR
MC - Hotelmanagement
MC - Journalistiek
MC - Office management - Management assistant
MC - Office management - Medical management assistant
OT - Kleuteronderwijs
OT - Lager onderwijs
OT - Secundair onderwijs
KC - Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen
KA - Koninklijke academie voor schone kunsten Antwerpen



ChinesePod is an online language teaching platform. We make video lessons that are uploaded to Youtube and to our website. Freeform learning is the basis of our education structure, we want our students to learn what they want when they want.

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Omschrijving vacature: 

ChinesePod is looking for onscreen hosts to create French and German versions of our current content (find examples on our website or youtube channel). Ideal candidates will have a good command of French or German and at least conversational Mandarin. No prior experience is required, all you need is a great camera personality and the ability to engage with the audience! If you can't speak French or German but you're an excellent English and Mandarin speaker, flick us an email too as we have some exciting opportunities we could explore.

We are primarily looking for on-screen talent but if you do not want to be in front of the camera we also have a few off-camera opportunities, if this is the case please mention this in your application.

If you aren't based in Antwerp but have the perfect skill set we can arrange transportation!


Speak good French or German and basic Mandarin
You will teach content up to your level Mandarin, so even if you're a beginner you can teach beginner lessons.
We want you to have fun with the lessons! If you enjoy teaching on screen, our students will enjoy learning from you!
Work hours are flexible and based on your availability, we will schedule on a week to week basis.
Teaching experience, if it's a language teaching experience, even better!


You will work on a casual agreement with flexible hours depending on your availability and the studios.


Beschikbaarheid vacature: 
29 augustus, 2019 to 29 oktober, 2019
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