Working with adults with special learning needs, UK

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Plaats van tewerkstelling: 
West Sussex
Provincie van tewerkstelling: 
Niet in België
GW - Ergotherapie
GW - Sociaal werk
GW - Toegepaste Psychologie
GW - Verpleegkunde
GW - Vroedkunde
OT - Kleuteronderwijs
OT - Lager onderwijs
OT - Secundair onderwijs


Jacaranda Recruitment LTD

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Omschrijving vacature: 

We have an amazing opportunity for an individual or couple who value a creative, community-based way of life.
We’re looking for a house coordinator (could be a couple), to live alongside and support two ladies who need moderate support (no personal care). Working hours are for 1 hour in the morning and between 4pm and 9pm, Mondays to Fridays, and then weekends.
So, between 9am and 4pm during the week, you are free to do your own activities, which may include running your own business, working additional paid hours in one of the other facilities associated with the community, or other paid, part-time work.
This house is part of a small community of homes in a truly beautiful part of West Sussex. The approach to individual development, training and work has been developed out of the work of Rudolf Steiner and John Ruskin, placing a strong emphasis on ecological ways of working with the Earth’s resources and an holistic view of development.
The community has a number of workshops and partnerships, which you are welcome to become involved with, if you wish.

To apply
Please send your CV and a short piece about yourself, which outlines why you are a good match for this unusual opportunity. Please email this to and quote VR01146 in the subject line, and if we consider you suitable, we will send you further information and arrange a Skype conversation. We regret we cannot respond to people who we do not consider suitable. Please note: this position does not qualify for a work permit, so EU citizens only should apply.


A driving licence is required.
No specific qualification is needed – we are looking for a good match of values above all else.
To be confident in providing moderate support to two residents, and to run the household.


All living expenses are covered, transport is provided and all organic food is provided.
This opportunity is one of a life-style choice, and we appreciate it is not for everyone – we think it offers a great deal of opportunity and freedom for anyone who values a creative and beautiful environment above career progression.
Salary is all living expenses, transport, all organic food provided, and £600 per person, per month. There is ample opportunity to gain further income during non-core work hours, as outlined above.


Beschikbaarheid vacature: 
5 mei, 2019 to 5 juli, 2019
E-mail sollicitaties:
Straat en huisnummer: 
LF 2.8, The Leathermarket, 11/13Weston Street
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