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Vlaams Brabant
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Logistiek management
MC - Office management - Management assistant
WT - Vastgoed - Landmeten
WT - Vastgoed - Makelaardij


Santa Fe Relocation
Global Mobility

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Job Profile:
As Relocation Field Consultant you are the regional specialist providing hands-on support and
assistance to the expat and his/her family moving to Belgium. In close collaboration with the
Relocation Coordinators who work in the Santa Fe Kortenberg office you:
• Search and select apartments/houses based on the expat’s criteria and company policy
• Organize and accompany the expat on house viewing days
• Negotiate and handle all paperwork relating to the rental contract
• Assist with the opening of a bank account, setting up a blocked account and obtaining insurance
• Connect all utilities and telecom
• Organize and attend the ingoing inventory and survey with an independent expert
• Organize the hand-over of keys
• Inform expats on life in Belgium in general and the broader Antwerp/Mechelen and/or Brussels
area specifically and answer practical questions
• At the end of an assignment, organize the departure from the expat’s residence (so all of the
above, but outgoing)
• Accompany the expat and his/her family to the town hall to register and obtain all required
permits, idem for renewals
• Visit town halls, embassies, ministries,… for obtaining documents, legalizations, visas,…
• Welcome and/or pick-up expats at the airport/train station/office/hotel for orientation tour
• Keep the Account Consultants in the office up-to-date and you have a strong follow-up on


Freelance requirements:
No specific degree or diploma is required, but being in the “people business” means that you need
• Speak and write English (the main working language) very fluently (must)
• Speak and write Dutch for the Antwerp/Mechelen region (must)
• Speak and write French for the Brussels region (must)
• Know the broader Antwerp/Mechelen and/or Brussels area inside and out (must)
• Have some experience with real-estate and/or public administration (preferable)
• Be very organized and self-sufficient (must)
• Be quick on your feet and very flexible both in terms of working hours as in planning (must)
• Have a truck load of patience and the skin of an elephant (must)
• Have good communication and negotiation skills (must)
• Be tenacious and goal-oriented (must)
Field Relocation Consultant I Santa Fe Relocation I April 2019
• Have a driver’s license (must)
• Have a car that can carry 4 adults (preferable)



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If you are an experienced, passionate and driven professional with strong administrative skills, we
want to speak to you!
Contact: Nathalie Janssen, Senior Relocation Consultant:
We are an equal opportunity employer. Data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only.
Santa Fe Relocation
Jan Baptist Vinkstraat 9
3070 Kortenberg
Tel: +32 2 757 92 85


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25 april, 2019 to 1 december, 2019
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JB Vinkstraat 9
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